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Your Coach

Tony R. Smith, PhD
Nationally Certified Coach (CTACC)
MBTI Certified Practitioner
Coach | Consultant

I began my private coaching and consulting practice to strategically co-create success with individuals seeking personal and professional transformation.

I find coaching and consulting to be a gratifying and fulfilling addition to my practice as a social scientist and workforce development professional. Please see my professional profile on LinkedIn for a broader perspective on my experience.

Contact me today to learn about coaching or click the book online button above to get started with a session.  I'm happy to talk through questions you may have for me.  There's a contact option at the bottom of this page. I look forward to starting a transformational journey with you.


Services and Resources

Create & Evolve Your Success

I offer different types of coaching and consulting services. We will work through your questions and develop an agenda of approach in each session. Choose from the services and resources below. Get in touch with questions and we can get started from there.


Strategic Success - On Your Terms

Executive Coaching is a tool for professionals in every industry.  New or revised goals, solutions to issues of balance and wellness, moving through challenges and barriers and taking a personal branding approach to your career journey. Get in touch today and start taking control of your strategic career success.

Whether you are out in your career or not, being LGBTQ+ in today's world of work presents interesting paths to navigate.  It is more important than ever to be strategic in planning our work, next steps, and how we show our truth.  Let's get to work!


Navigating the New Work Normals

Strategic Workforce & Team Development

I provide: 
Individual Consultation, Workshops & Seminars, Talent, Team, and Leadership Development, as well as Staff Development & Planning Retreats

Sample Topics:
COVID 19 Adaptations - Evolving Our Work,

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) - Individual or Group​,
Work Styles, Communication, Leadership, Team Development | SWOT Analysis | Strategic Planning & Implementation | Multi-generational Workplace

Sample Seminars:
Career Transitions (Internal & External)

And more...
Multi-topic Retreat Planning and Facilitation


Transition Coaching

Normalizing the New Normal

Transition coaching is a co-creative process of understanding our thoughts, reactions, and emotions while strategically moving our way through today's new normals.  We are facing transitions from what we once knew to parts of life we never expected - everyday.  It is okay to need a sounding board to move forward.  

First step, understand we aren't alone in this - next - plan a way forward and create opportunity for growth in each day's new horizon.


Coaching and Support Groups

Group coaching and support groups provide a great way to learn from each other while progressing toward our goals.  I work closely with other coaching colleagues to create opportunities to serve the community and create learning spaces.  

Be sure to reach out if you feel this form of support is what you are seeking.  I am happy to share upcoming events with you as they unfold.

Whatever you’re working through, I’m here to help you achieve your goals. Contact me to find out more.


Not sure if coaching is for you?  Let's connect and answer your questions.

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(720) 336-8669

Denver, CO 80238, USA